Online Dictionary – Translate Malay to English

Do you need to translate word from Malay to English? Or maybe you want to translate work from English to Malay? If so, you are on the right place. will tell you the best sites to do so.

Before we share the site with you, we want to recommend one great software that can greatly helps you in translating. The best about this tool is you can install it on your computer desktop. That means you can use the application even without internet connection.

Furthermore, you will get fast translation since the database is stored in your computer as well. By having the software, it’s like you are having a complete Kamus Dewan but better. Who don’t want to have a translation software which can show the meaning of any word at lightning speed.

Okay folk, here are top online dictionary that you can use to translate from English to Malay or Malay to English.

1# Cit Cat online translation

citcat online dictionary is online translation application that can be used for four languages. English, Malay,Chinese and Indonesia. The team behind Cit Cat has a great ambition. They know how certain people out there don’t have the ability to read in different language. So they aim to provide a tool which can help internet user to have access to internet content by using Citcat for translation.

Although the main purpose fo CitCat is as online dictionary, that’s not all. If you go to the website, you will see five main menus. Translation, Search, Interaction, Login, and About.

citcat interaction games

In the interaction section there’s a application that helps you interact or share your moment with other visitors. You can post events, items for sell, humor, and a general section to post just anything you like. There is also a gaming section to release your stress by having some fun.

You must be wondering why an online dictionary should a have a chatting and interaction feature. The answer is simple, because it is a Chit Chat website. Pun intended.

Okay. Want to hear a funny story about Cit Cat? There’s one guy that like to use Cit Cat during works. He needs to use it for translation purpose. And guess what? The network team on his company blocked the website. And then they send some message like this to him “Please stop chit chatting and do work”. The moral of the story is to educate your boss or network team about Cit Cat website if you are using it frequently.

2# Google Translate

google translate

Google Translate is definitely one of the best online dictionaries. Since Google is a big giant company, there’s no doubt they can have invest lot of money to have tremendous vocabulary that being updated consistently. Besides translating one word at a time, you can use Google Translate to translate words or paragraph. Several years ago the phrase translation is not good enough but right now the system has become better. There is also a pronounce button that can help you pronounce any word. If you want to be able to speak good English, try to learn from the pronunciation. You will be surprise on how certain words that you think you speak it right turns out to be wrong.

If CitCat can only translate in four languages, Google Translate can translate words in almost every major language out there. The best of all, the can also translate a whole page of a website. If you love to watch Japanese drama or anime, sometimes you will stumble upon some site in Japanese language. If you are an avid fan of the brand that you search, you must be really eager to know what’s going on with the post. Moreover the site is likely to share new and fresh content. In such case, you can copy the link and put it inside Google Translate box. Then you will be redirected to the exact same page, but in different language depends on the language you had chosen for translation.

Google Translate vs Citcat – Who’s the winner?

We believe there is no clear winner between those two. Both of them have their own strength and weakness. While Google Translate can translate in lots of language, they are not that good in giving perfectly structure grammar for phrase translation. Citcat is better in giving good results with acceptable grammar. Maybe the reason is because they are developed by a team of Malaysian.

Besides the two great tools, here are a few online dictionaries that you should not overlook. Maybe they are simple, but they get the job done.

4# IM Translator (visit site)

2# MyKamus (visit site)

5# Kamus Laman Mini (visit site)

I think that’s it for now. Please try all of the tools and use which one that meet your preference. Remember, nothing is perfect in this world. Everything has its own strength and weakness. Even you find one thing is great, maybe it’s bad to other person. If you search for online translation because you are doing heavy project, then watch this video and chill out.