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Online Dictionary – Translate Malay to English

Do you need to translate word from Malay to English? Or maybe you want to translate work from English to Malay? If so, you are on the right place. KamusOnline.net will tell you the best sites to do so.

Before we share the site with you, we want to recommend one great software that can greatly helps you in translating. The best about this tool is you can install it on your computer desktop. That means you can use the application even without internet connection.

Furthermore, you will get fast translation since the database is stored in your computer as well. By having the software, it’s like you are having a complete Kamus Dewan but better. Who don’t want to have a translation software which can show the meaning of any word at lightning speed.

Okay folk, here are top online dictionary that you can use to translate from English to Malay or Malay to English.

1# Cit Cat online translation

citcat online dictionary

CitCat.com is online translation application that can be used for four languages. English, Malay,Chinese and Indonesia. The team behind Cit Cat has a great ambition. They know how certain people out there don’t have the ability to read in different language. So they aim to provide a tool which can help internet user to have access to internet content by using Citcat for translation.

Although the main purpose fo CitCat is as online dictionary, that’s not all. If you go to the website, you will see five main menus. Translation, Search, Interaction, Login, and About.

citcat interaction games

In the interaction section there’s a application that helps you interact or share your moment with other visitors. You can post events, items for sell, humor, and a general section to post just anything you like. There is also a gaming section to release your stress by having some fun.

You must be wondering why an online dictionary should a have a chatting and interaction feature. The answer is simple, because it is a Chit Chat website. Pun intended.

Okay. Want to hear a funny story about Cit Cat? There’s one guy that like to use Cit Cat during works. He needs to use it for translation purpose. And guess what? The network team on his company blocked the website. And then they send some message like this to him “Please stop chit chatting and do work”. The moral of the story is to educate your boss or network team about Cit Cat website if you are using it frequently.

2# Google Translate

google translate

Google Translate is definitely one of the best online dictionaries. Since Google is a big giant company, there’s no doubt they can have invest lot of money to have tremendous vocabulary that being updated consistently. Besides translating one word at a time, you can use Google Translate to translate words or paragraph. Several years ago the phrase translation is not good enough but right now the system has become better. There is also a pronounce button that can help you pronounce any word. If you want to be able to speak good English, try to learn from the pronunciation. You will be surprise on how certain words that you think you speak it right turns out to be wrong.

If CitCat can only translate in four languages, Google Translate can translate words in almost every major language out there. The best of all, the can also translate a whole page of a website. If you love to watch Japanese drama or anime, sometimes you will stumble upon some site in Japanese language. If you are an avid fan of the brand that you search, you must be really eager to know what’s going on with the post. Moreover the site is likely to share new and fresh content. In such case, you can copy the link and put it inside Google Translate box. Then you will be redirected to the exact same page, but in different language depends on the language you had chosen for translation.

Google Translate vs Citcat – Who’s the winner?

We believe there is no clear winner between those two. Both of them have their own strength and weakness. While Google Translate can translate in lots of language, they are not that good in giving perfectly structure grammar for phrase translation. Citcat is better in giving good results with acceptable grammar. Maybe the reason is because they are developed by a team of Malaysian.

Besides the two great tools, here are a few online dictionaries that you should not overlook. Maybe they are simple, but they get the job done.

4# IM Translator (visit site)

2# MyKamus (visit site)

5# Kamus Laman Mini (visit site)

I think that’s it for now. Please try all of the tools and use which one that meet your preference. Remember, nothing is perfect in this world. Everything has its own strength and weakness. Even you find one thing is great, maybe it’s bad to other person. If you search for online translation because you are doing heavy project, then watch this video and chill out.

How to become better in English

Hi there? Are you here because you want to become better and good in English language? Actually I am not that good in English but I used to be very bad in English. But somehow the tips that I will be sharing with you somehow make me better in English.

learn english

1# Read comics or novel

Many parents don’t like to see their children spending their time by reading comic books or novels. But for me, reading online comics really improve my English. I hate to read eduction text books. I can spend hours reading comic online but will sleep easily after 5 minutes of text book reading.

Another great benefit of reading comic is you will learn conversation. You will learn easy conversation words that people always use and this will boost your speaking skill as well.

2# Watch English movies or series without subtitle

Okay, this might be a bit hard for those who are not a native English user. But believe me, once you have watch a few of series, your ears suddenly get a hang of it. Just like you have power up to the next level. Some movies or show is a bit hard to understand, so you can start with movies that pronounce their word clearly such as Harry Potter.

3# Create a blog and keep it update

Some person can have good grammar but they cannot speak English quite well. The obvious reason is because their brain cannot process the words which need to be spit spontaneously. To make your brain spill out words instantly, you need to write a lot. If you can write without thinking too long, that means you can do so while talking. You can find training partner to improve your language, but it’s quite hard to find a dedicated partner. By starting a blog, you can totally depend on yourself to improve your language. If you hate writing so much, you can try to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking to automatically parse your speech into text.

4# Make yourself active in forum

If blogging is too much to you, then you can try to participate in active forum. You don’t necessarily need to participate in English forum but you can choose any forum that you like. Maybe you like to watch anime, so you can join any Naruto forum.

By joining forum that you are interested and have knowledge, you will become eager to give your opinion and be a part of the community. Besides become better in English, you will reap extra benefits of making friends and networking.

The last tip is to never give up if you cannot see any success in a short time. Remember, learning is a lifetime process. You will always achieve success if you don’t give up. I believe every person has their own level of barrier. Maybe you have a friend that easily get to level 5, but you stuck at level 2. But once you pass the level 2 barrier, you will easily find the other level to be so easy and peace of cake. Just don’t give up.

Top Translation Software reviews 2013

If you are among those individuals who are interested about understanding different languages, fashions, traditions and customs or if your present job requires you to do such thing, then finding the most reliable and accurate translation software is something that you should do. This software is amazing considering its effectiveness in helping you understand documents, instant messages and emails written using a foreign language.

best software translator

Translation support is usually important for those who need to frequently correspond or communicate with those who speak other languages using instant messages and emails. If you wish to use the best translation software, then you should remember that a good one is that which permits proper integration into RTF or Word files. It should also have a spell check feature to ensure that the translated documents are accurately spelled.

Even though it is possible to use online translator such as Google Translate or Citcat translate, you always need to have internet connection to use the tool. By using a software translator that can be installed on our own computer, you can get the answer for the query you put almost instantly and without delay. Selecting the best translation software is also possible with the help of the following tips:

1. Perform tests on different translation software. Remember that there are lots of providers of this software who allow their potential clients to test their products to help them choose the right one. To test a program, you should consider using it to translate complete sentences instead of just one word. Keep in mind that in some languages, there are specific words with similar spellings but different meanings.

An example of this is the word ship which could mean a vessel found in the ocean or a verb which means to deliver packages. Because of this, it is necessary for you to use complete sentences along with their punctuations during the testing process. This can help you in testing the accuracy of the software as well as its ability to use proper grammar.

2. Research about its effectiveness. You can do this by accessing feedback and reviews posted by its present and past owners online. You should look for a program which has the ability of presenting translated documents that are free of incorrect word order and syntax errors since these inaccuracies can lead to miscommunications and misinterpretations.

3. Know more about its features. Before you invest your money into a translation program, you should spend time studying its installed features. Note that the features installed in the software that you are planning to choose can enhance its effectiveness and accuracy. Among the features that your chosen translation software must have include an integrated spell-checker, instant and automated translation while you are browsing the net, and proper program integration.

4. Pick a program which is easy to use. You should keep yourself from investing in translation software that come with complex features and interface. The entire program should be user-friendly since this guarantees straightforward and rapid navigation that often results to quick and accurate translation. Its installation should also be simple while allowing you to integrate all the features of the program without any hassle.

5. Choose a translation program which supports the translation of numerous languages. Note that the best translation software is that which has the ability to translate languages used in different countries. A wise tip is to go for products with multilingual features. When determining the specific number of available languages that you need in a translation program, it is crucial for you to consider the main reason why you need it and the number of languages that you need to use to communicate with others.

That’s all for now. In the mean time I hope you can use the five steps above to choose the best translation software accordingly. In a few weeks I will try to list my top picks for the best software translator and give some review on Kamus Online. Among my top picks is Babylon 9. This is the leading software in translation industry and has great features and friendly user interface.

Google Translate now supports speech input

Google translate is a free machine translation service that has been used for translation of a written text from one language to another. It has been provided by Google.inc. Previously Google used a strand based translator to translate languages like Arabia, Chinese etc. on May 26 2011 Google founded the Google API that ceased its functioning on December 2011.

Due to some public pressure that was shut down and Google announced that a paid version of the translator will be released soon. Google uses a user interface for the languages and delegates request to web. It answer the questions along with it provides additional information that can be useful for the user and perform actions based on the query made by the user. It was first introduced in the android 4.1 version mobiles.

google translate voice recognition

Google voice search is a search that is provided by Google translator or is a facility provided by Google that allows the user make a query by speaking on their computer or mobile phone. This feature of Google translator is available in languages like British, U.S, French, Italian, English, German, and Spanish.

There is a voice action technique that allows the command via speech in android mobiles. For making a query via Google search you need to dial the Google voice search number i.e. (650) 623-6706,. Then you have to wait until Google says “your keyword to be searched”. After that the user can speak directly into the computer or mobile and make the search. The products like Google Maps, Google Mobile App and Google MapsGOOG-411, have been developed by Google that uses the technology to recognize speech in several ways.

google voice inputGoogle published an advanced new version of Google search application for iOS on 30th of October 2012 It is the enhanced version of Google as Voice Search function that is very much similar to the search function of the android jelly bean of Google. It mainly aims to compete with the Apple’s own Siri voice assistant. The new is being compared favorably by the reviewers to Siri. The Google voice search application on iOS is clear and more relevant and amazingly fast.

The Google voice search application has been implemented in various products like Google map, YouTube, mobile application etc. these applications are mainly introduced and implemented in mobile phones like Nokia ,blackberry etc. due to this application the searching via Google is getting more convenient and faster as this do not require any type of had effort.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 review

Despite the voice recognition software technology being available for quite some time in the techno world, most people have lived perceiving this amazing feature as more of fiction than truth since it was often used in most of the sci-fi movie scenes than in real life. They say truth is stranger than fiction-and this was the case with this technology advancement.

Voice recognition software has the capability of making your work flow easily and fast as it is able to type on your behalf. This happens when you speak and the software uses its programming to carry out functions that use the voice to perform a certain action.one of the voice recognition software is the Dragon Voice Recognition software. The software requires you to first conduct its installation before you can enjoy the services IT has to offer. Activation guidelines are simple and easy to perform.

A revolution has been witnessed in how we work with the inception of this software in the technology field. Not only has the software been improved on features, it has also made the voice recognition technology affordable by selling at a fairly cheap price. The Dragon Speech Recognition software comes with features that make its functionality three times faster than typing. It can edit and format documents which are dictated. It can also send emails and instant messages, create presentations and spreadsheets, search the web, schedule and plan for your appointments among other functions. For example, when you want to type on your computer, the software will type as you speak without having to move a finger. This indeed is a getaway to a hands-free performance of computing tasks.

dragon naturally speaking

For physically disabled persons who can’t type, this comes as a very helping tool for them to carry on with their day-to-day lives. For a disabled student, employer or employee at the workplace, the functionality that came with this innovation has led to more productivity both for the student and the employee. Therefore, the software works for people who can speak and pass commands that are duly executed. Learning in schools has received a major boost with the introduction of the voice recognition software. Children with learning disabilities such as difficulty in literacy skills that involve spelling and writing, the software types on their behalf helping them understand and learn new vocabulary in a short period than it could have taken them.

dragon voice recognitionMultitasking has never been made easy on computers than with the introduction of the Dragon Voice recognition software. This has increased the speed and therefore a lot of time is saved. With the software, you can still navigate your computer and dictate documents faster than you can type with the keyboard and a mouse. Most organizations that have this application enabled in their employees’ office PCs boosts the overall productivity in the company after a day’s job.

However, the application requires you to have enough memory in your computer and speed that is reliable for installation and running of the program. Any speech recognition technology does require sufficient space for storage of the large amounts of voice files in the computer memory. Dragon software therefore allows you to work efficiently with the PC in order for you to achieve the best results in whatever task you are performing.

Difference between American and British English

In Malaysia, we have normal confusion when it comes to certain words. Some of us still are not aware that our English is based on British English and not America. The confusion become worst when we used Microsoft Word to check spelling as Microsoft Word is based on America English.


There are several differences in American and British English. Although, there is no version that is considered to be the correct one, each one of them has certain preference in its use. The most important rule is to be consistence with the usage. If you choose to use American English, try to stick on it; don’t mix it up with British English. For example:”The color of fruit is considered as its flavour” is not correct. Flavour is British English, while color is American English.

Pointing out the differences between the two English is not easy as it may seem for beginners, it requires constant practice to perfect it. The following are the main differences between British and American English.

There are three main differences between the two English, which include

  1. Spelling: This mainly found in some prefix and suffix of words.
  2. Pronunciation: There are differences in verbs and nouns in the use of phrasal verb.
  3. Vocabulary: There are differences in consonants, vowels, stress and intonation of words.

Use of Present Perfect Tense

Present perfect tense is used in British English to show that an event or action has happened in the recent past and affects the present in a way. This is not the case when it comes to American English.

For example;

  • British English: I have lost my pen, please help me find it.
  • In American English it is correct to say, I lost my pen, please help me find it.

“I lost my pen, please help me find it,” is not correct in British English. However, the two sentences are both correct in American English.

The other differences come with the use of just, already and yet. For example:

  • In American English “I just had supper” and “I already watched that movie” are correct statements.
  • In British English you have to say, “I have just had super” or “I have already watched that movie” to sound correct.

The verb get

In American English, the past participle of get is gotten while in British English, the past participle of get is got.


Some words have total different meaning when used in American or British English. For example:
Mean: in American English it means bad humored, while in British it means not generous
Rubber: means an erasing tool in British English while it means condom in American English.
Hood, trunk and truck are used in American English to mean bonnet, boot and lorry respectively in British English. There are many vocabularies with different meanings in both English, these are few of them.


Use of Prepositions

On and in are used to for similar purposes in American and British English at some instances. For example:

  • British English; A place in the team
  • American English; A place on the team

Differences in the Spelling

This mainly happens to word endings. In American English, words end with “or”, while in British English they end with “our”. Example includes flavor and flavour, humor and humour etc. It also happens in word ending with “ize” for American English and “ise” for British English. For example: customize and customise.

So when you are writing for exam or professional letter, make sure you are aware which type of English that you will be using. Don’t combined both of them in one letter because you will look unprofessional.